Single Wall Cups

Typical samples of our white paper cup range are shown in the picture. These paper cups have a single wall only and are suitable for use with hot and cold drinks. The manufacturing process of these cups uses only board made from sustainable forests and is of a high quality

You may also want to check out the Wrap Sleeves as they are an ideal product for the single wall cup when used with hot beverages.

Single Wall cups are packed in boxes of 1000

  • Large 8oz single wall cups
  • 12 oz single wall cups
  • 16 oz single wall cups


  • 8oz lids
  • 12/16 oz lids
  • Wrap sleeves
  • 140cm stirrers
  • Cup Holders

Double Wall Cups

A cup range with an inner and outer wall.

The design and manufacturing process for this range of paper cups ensures that the gap between the two walls reduces the heat transfer from the cup contents to the hand carrying the cup.

Double Wall cups are packed in boxes of 500

  • 8 oz double wall cups
  • 12 oz double wall cups
  • 16 oz double wall cups

Example Of Our Cups